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If You Have Lost or Found A Dog Please Ensure You Contact Your

Local Dog Warden (Clare Pound And Warden Details At End Of This Page)

This Is Required By Law And Not Doing So Is An Illegal Offence




On the 31st of March 2009 the Department of Environment released the 2008 Dog Pound Figures and like previous years we were disappointed to see that the same stream of dogs continues to enter our County Pound despite all the work and effort put into trying to improve these numbers and educational talks to schools/groups and informing the public about responsible dog ownership, etc by the Dog Warden, Frankie Coote, ourselves and others involved in animal welfare around the county. 

It is hard for those involved to see these high numbers year in year out with only small changes emerging when the year end figures are released, it is hard to continue striving for change when no matter how hard we try things just do not reflect our efforts.  When one compares the total number of dogs entering our County Pound in 2008 we cannot help to wonder why yet again we find ourselves with the highest entry figure, where are all these dogs coming from.  According to the Department’s figures we had a total of 1835 dogs enter our pound in 2008 whilst our neighbouring counties of Galway, Limerick and Tipperary had 1077, 817 and 1032 respectively.

When contemplating doing up a press release in relation to the publication of the new figures we found ourselves looking back at previous years and upon reading our 2007 press release in response to the publishing of the 2006 dog pound figures we became very disheartened to see that if we just made a few changes to the figures we could just rename the document and send it out as our 2009 press release  -

Copy of Clare Animal Welfare’s Press Release 16th December 2007



Its a never ending circle, a never ending argument and it continues on a weekly basis, animals are dying. In 2006 in Ireland a total of 24,311 dogs entered the country's dog pounds, of that figure 14,598 were put down.  The totals in 2006 for the Clare Dog Pound were 2025 dogs entered the pound and 1530 were put down. (Figures obtained from the Department of Environment's website )

Clare Dog Pound will no doubt get 'wrongly' criticised for their totals ('wrongly' because it is the people of the county who have brought these figures into being and ourselves who continue to cause the existence of high numbers in the county's pound, not the Dog Warden, Frankie Coote, or any members of his staff). The fact that Clare's totals are so high is in actual fact proof and evidence of the amount of time, effort and energy that Frankie and his staff put into their jobs and the lack of regard in people towards animals. Dog pound figures are the result of a people problem, not a dog problem, and we, the people of the county, need to take action and think about what we can do to help reduce the pound's entry and destruction rates. 

In some counties, local rescue groups rescue dogs from their local pounds, the Dublin pound figures in particular are proof of the effects these actions can have on the overall figures, for example Dublin City's pound in 2006 took in 1,538 dogs and a mere 178 of those were put down. Unfortunately, for the dogs, Clare Animal Welfare cannot help the pound dogs in this county, we have trouble helping all those we get calls about as it is.  Under the Control of Dogs Act all dogs must wear identification at all times such as a dog tag on their collar, a microchip or a tattoo. It is also against the law to allow a dog to wander off their owners property unattended. We will all be fully aware from seeing the physical evidence that these are two laws that are completely ignored by a large number of the county's dog owners. By allowing your dog to stray you are putting it's life and the life of others at risk. 

In 2008 one of the issues we intend to keep to the forefront of our campaign is that of spaying and neutering of pets. The time for us all to take responsibility for the vast amount of unwanted pups and kittens and the mindless intentional overbreeding of dogs. We are asking people, who have not yet done so, to please ring their vet to arrange an appointment to have their pet(s) spayed or neutered. If they are in receipt of a Social Welfare Payment and they bring their dog to a vet who is participating in the Dogs Trust Neutering Scheme then they will only have to pay €14.00 for the procedure. If they are not getting social assistance payments or it is a cat they wish to have spayed/neutered but cannot afford the entire cost of the operation themselves they can contact us and we will try to help towards the cost where possible. 



We have to stop burying our heads in the sand, it is time each one of us starts spreading the word ...

spay / neuter ... owner responsibility ... no more strays ... education ... no more puppy farmers


The weekly deaths of dogs are down to all of us and until all the people of Clare change their ways the figures will stay the same

Please help the dogs of our county, be they your own, your family’s, your neighbour’s, local strays, etc

We need to stop our throw away attitude and lack of owner responsibility when it comes to our dogs we have to make the changes today.


Co Clare Dog Pound Details


Clare County Dog Pound

Gort Road Industrial Estate


Co Clare



Opening Hours

Monday to Friday  -  9am to 1pm

Wednesday Only  -  6.30pm to 7.30pm

Closed Saturday & Sunday

Outside Of These Hours An Appointment Is Necessary


Clare Dog Warden Details

Clare ISPCA Dog Warden

Mr Frankie Coote



If You Wish To Rehome A Dog Please Consider Getting One From The Dog Pound


By Law You Must Have A Dog License For Each Dog You Own

A Dog License Costs €12.70 And Can Be Obtained From Your Local Post Office


The Environment Section Of Clare County Council Are

Responsible For Ensuring The Control Of Animals Acts Are Complied With


Please Be Aware That Clare County Council Have “Beach By-Laws” In Place Which

Affect The Bringing Of Dogs & Equines Onto Beaches Between 11am & 6pm Daily

During The Summer Months Further Information Can Be Found Here



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