Right to Choose

Animals Need the Right to Choose

There’s a war being waged on the abortion battlefield if we should be able to protect the innocent person that is living in a womb that is about to be aborted.

Great right?

HELL NO!!  The war that we really need to focus on is the war on animals.  Animals are being put on shelves without consent.  Cows, Chickens and other animals are just like dogs and cats.  They have the same comprehension as a dog or cat would yet we’re breeding them for one purpose… to consume them.  That is ethically wrong.  Cows & Chickens should not be allowed to be bred for food.  Eating meat is not only bad for you, but it’s also bad for the environment.

I can go on and on about how bad being a carnivore is for the whole world, but that would be complaining.  I’m not writing this blog to complain.  If you’re a complainer don’t even think about trying to get into contact with me.  I’m here to tell the world about the fact that animals should have a right to choose what they are being bred for.

We need to make a change.  Look at these animals… look at the conditions that they are being raised in.  Do you call that fair?

PETA Activists Unite!!

Give me a HELL YEAH for animals!!

Give me TWO THUMBS up for supporting the animal rights movement.

You are a STRONG individual who believes in the same thing as I do.

RIGHTS for animals.  Each post will be about one RIGHT that animals should have.

Let’s face it… animals are people too.  Join the movement, share the movement and let the whole world know about the rights that animals deserve.